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August 9th, 2011

I'mmm back!

Hi so I finally decided to get my own journal again after a much needed break. My hopes for this new journal are to share random big life events that have or are ocurring in my life especially since last time I wrote which was I believe over a year ago now there has been sooo much thats transpired but anyway other than that I really hope to keep my writings limited in some ways to not drag out alot of personal conflicts and my issues with people on here because honestly this is just not the appropiate place to do so plus I want to keep positivity at the top of my list for my journal however, Caution I may write about things that make me sad or upset and even stuff that just plain pisses me off but its my journal so please understand if you don't wish to read its content simply don't. I will filter my journal if need be because what I say on here is of my own property and my own feelings and it does not reflect on anyone else. I have no problem putting friends into certain lists if they don't want to read certain posts that maybe just me venting because honestly I understand nobody likes to see others upset. I write sometimes because I want to share with my closest friends about what's happening, exciting news in my life but also LiveJournal gives me the opportunity to write about how I am feeling if things aren't so good and it allows me to cope with it easier sometimes. I only want to have fun and get to know more people like myself and hopefully build good lasting friendships. I also would like to write and share with people about my own life struggles as being a young college student living on her own with a boyfriend who is just trying to survive through life's up's and down's. I believe too much of anything is not good so I took myself away for a long time because I believed I had too but hopefully this will be a refreshing start. I will be back real soon to write some more. On one other note I am glad to have joined the community here again and I hope you enjoy getting to know me and my world just as much as I look forward getting to know you. :)
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